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To B-BBEE or Not to B-BBEE, let us HELP You!!

BEE or as it is now known B-BBEE usually polarises an audience into two groups, those for and those against. The reality is in SA it is in your business’s best interest to know about B-BBEE and to comply, or even better still to find ways to add value to others in your community whilst complying with B-BBEE.

Ishishini Lethu means “Our Business” in isiXhosa. The plight of South Africa’s vulnerable communities and the economic freedom of South Africans forms the basis of our business. We have established ourselves for the betterment of our greater communities and South Africa at large.

Our aims are therefore to:

  • Educate and equip South Africa’s unemployed youth to become active participants in the economy.

  • Help companies better manage their B-BBEE spend now and in the future.

  • Serve both business and the communities in which we live and work and establish ourselves in the business community.

We are a proud associate of DataDot Technology SA and through our “Dot What U Got” project and other initiatives we are able to make communities safer, offer employment and educate young entrepreneurs in business. We are qualified to give advice on B-BBEE compliance and offer benefits in Skills, ED, SD and Socio elements on the generic scorecard.

Through our Training Hub we educate unemployed youth in terms of business and entrepreneurship. Our Training Hub and business course are accredited giving our clients benefits in their B-BBEE skills development scorecard.

Through our corporate arm we offer our clients the benefits of working with a level 2 B-BBEE contributor where we are able to find the most effective and efficient way to add value.

Let me assess your needs and give recommendations :

Dot What U Got Projects

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