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Become a SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE CORPORATE CITIZEN TODAY and apply B-BBEE principles for the upliftment of all. We offer a multiple facet solution to your B-BBEE scorecard 
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Skills Development

Through our SKILLS DEVELOPMENT solutions, we can offer accredited training for unemployed youths.  Our accredited and non-accredited training offers benefits in terms of skills contribution on B-BBEE scorecards and adds value and options to unemployed youth. 

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Supplier Development

Through our Level 2 Empowering Supplier status we qualify for your SUPPLIER DEVELOPMENT contributions. By contributing towards our initiatives, we can assist you in meeting your targets.

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Enterprise Development

Our ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT initiatives aim to teach potential entrepreneurs how to grow a sustainable business. By contributing towards our Enterprise Development initiatives we can help you meet your companies enterprise development target.

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Socio Development

In the amended B-BBEE codes this has shifted from “donations” in the traditional sense and is now aimed at implementing initiatives in favour of beneficiary entities with the specific objective of facilitating access to the economy.  ADD VALUE today by supporting our e'Pap initiative

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