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Your Transformation Partner of Choice!

We are 51% Black-Owned, 30% Black Woman-Owned Level 2 EME Empowering Supplier.  By partnering with us businesses can achieve B-BBEE points under Supplier and Enterprise Development, as well as Skills Development.

However we know its not just about the ticking of boxes of B-BBEE. Our vision is to assist companies effect REAL and LASTING change. Partner with us TODAY and together we will be the change we all want to see. Change is a constant, lets drive it in a positive direction !! Call US !!


  • Educate and equip South Africa’s unemployed youth to become active participants in the economy. 

  • Train and Develop young entrepreneurs to sustain themselves and fight economic prejudices. 

  • Serve both business and the communities in which we live and work to be in a better position to effect lasting change. 

  • Help companies better manage their B-BBEE spend now and in the future.

  • Supply quality products and services into the sectors in which we operate.


We are able to:

  • Professional services and quality products are supplied through our value chain.

  • Drive social change in communities that need it most.

  • Create job opportunities in communities with high unemployment.

  • Develop human capital.

  • Identify and develop leadership potential.

  • Assist companies to enter new markets and create new market opportunities by overcoming barriers in areas not yet accessed.

  • Make companies B-BBEE spend go further in transformation of our youth through education and job creation. 

  • Facilitate enterprise and supplier development through our network in low income areas by addressing barriers for entry into the economy due to limited technical, literacy and business skills.

  • Be change agents for transformation. 

Our Team

Melissa Roelfse

Melody Peterse
Training Manager

Mosifa Maredi
Operations Manager

Craig Wahl 

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