Products and services provided in the manufacturing and automotive sector through a level 2 Empowering Supplier, and safety products for businesses and communities



As a Distributor and Supplier of the DataDot Technology microdot solution, we supply a quality compliant product together with the legislative required fitment to vehicles.

Distribution of the microdot solution for household and business asset marking. 



We supply homologation services in the auto sector supporting Original Equipment Manufacturers.


Supply Chain

As a supplier of products and services into the manufacturing sector, together with sourcing of products we can meet your supply chain requirements and B-BBEE needs.


Industrial and Household Fogging Solutions

With the Health and Safety of your workforce, and that of your family we have solutions catering from large factories to your home through the supply of an anti-microbial sanitizing fogging solution.


Security Products

Community safety has been a cornerstone of Ishishini Lethu through our Dot What U Got projects with microdot technology through to entrepreneurs within our value chain selling pepper spray.