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Supplier and Enterprise Development 


As Ishishini Lethu is a level 2 B-BBEE contributor, we offer our clients the benefit of earning supplier development points when working with us to improve impoverished communities. 

The Dot What U Got (DWUG) Project is an Enterprise Development, Supplier Development and Socio Program in which community members are employed and empowered to mark and secure their neighbourhoods with DataDot Microdots and become sales agents in the community.   We also facilitate the marketing and brand awareness for participating companies in these communities while contributing to:

  • youth employment

  • development of entrepreneurs

  • safer communities. 

  • development of agents and brand ambassadors in the communities of the sponsors choice to promote products.








We are able to train young aspiring entrepreneurs and enable them to become self-employed.  Through the SETA Accredited Training Hub we supply accredited training of unemployed youths on behalf of our clients whereby supplier development points can be claimed on the scorecard.

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The "Dot What U Got" project is a constructive and innovative way to employ the youth of South Africa and enable businesses to add to their B-BBEE score card.  "Dot What U Got" contributes to real transformation and job creation using microdot technology. Household assets of the uninsured are provided unique authentication which allows for identification by law enforcement if these items are stolen.  Much success has been achieved where stolen assets have been returned to their rightful owners.In addition clients benefit from our level 2 B-BBEE contributor status.  Enterprise Development contributions thus serve as change agents in that property is protected and there is a direct impact on lowering crime levels in areas where the project is rolled out. 














Our New Venture Creation Training develops agents, brand ambassadors and other entrepreneurial ventures in the communities of the sponsor’s choice. We train young aspiring entrepreneurs and set them off on their journey to be self-employed. These entrepreneurs are able to promote the brand and/or products of the sponsor in these communities.


Microdots are polymer particles 1 mm or 0.5 mm in diameter and are literally the size of a pin head. Using a special magnifier the unique information contained on each microdot can be viewed.

Once mixed in a special adhesive containing a UV trace they can be sprayed onto a vehicle or applied onto a bicycle or valuable asset giving it its own DNA.

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