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How we can help

We help businesses provide internal and external training through our platform.

Start using our "out-the-box" LMS immediatley with no technical setup requirements or deployment delays

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Ishishini Lethu LMS (IL LMS) is an AI Learning Management System that increases learner completion rates through Artificial Intelligence 
Additional offering from IL LMS

We can assist you with onboarding in terms of identifying the need and how to best utilise the system, which includes but not limited to:-

  • Assistance with material loading, report building and test planning

  • Converting exisitng learning material on the system

Our B-BBEE Level 2 can be of benefit to your organisation

External training 

Businesses providing training to other businesses

Internal training 

Businesses providing training to their own employees

A Hybrid

Combination of both external and internal training

Using aritificial intelligence to increase learner completion rate
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Centralise all your training data.

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Schedule, export and share reports

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Identify learners at risk

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Connect to over 5000 multiple applications

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