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The daily hustle during COVID-19

The year 2020 started with excitement and it was business as usual, so we thought. Enter COVID-19 and many businesses came to a halt. For entrepreneurs and businesses looking to get through these times there came a flood of business opportunities in the form of hand sanitizers, sanitising of premises and toilet paper.

An associate company required a cost-effective solution to sanitise their premises and in so doing we identified an opportunity for Ishishini Lethu to build a business that can serve them and other businesses with similar sanitizing needs. With time it was envisaged that this business could create jobs for unemployed youth and those that have undergone training through Ishishini Lethu. Ishishini Lethu Fogging was created as an opportunity to offer the solution to sanitise businesses, schools, homes and many more places and to offer an opportunity to help entrepreneurs.

Our approach when embarking on this new opportunity has been simple, to make sure the process focuses on quality sanitizing and adding value. Our equipment is efficient and effective, and we use a fogging product that is certified without the overpowering smell bleach which is common in most of these types of products.

As a Level 2 B-BBEE supplier we provide our clients with a cost-effective value-added sanitisation solution. The Ishishini Lethu Fogging solution is currently being rolled out along the Garden Route area. Let us fog your business today with the aim of curbing the spread of viruses.

Contact Chris Scholtz 083 382 2437 or Charles Morley 072 842 3697

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