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The Story of Nathi Zazini

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

My Name is Nathi Zazini. When I started my journey as an agent for Ishishini Lethu I was unemployed, and my wife was pregnant with twins. It was not an easy time. I got invited to Ishishini Lethu for training and I was approached to be an Agent to sell pepper sprays.

After starting I was faced with many discouragements from people who did not see any value in selling pepper spray, but I survived that, as I had conviction in what I was doing.

Transport was a challenge because it was difficult to operate on rainy days but that would not stop me from pushing and going to see my clients. I used to also get disappointments from customers who placed orders and failed to deliver the cash that was sustaining me. Customer complaints also got me down, but with the support from Ishishini Lethu, I left the customer satisfied.

All these challenges did not stop me from being the best Pepper Spray Agent in the entire company and with limited resources in high risk areas, I made it. The ability to influence my customers on the importance of having pepper spray and to protect themselves.

If I could give advice on what I think drove my success as an Agent, it would be:

a. Know your product, take time to educate yourself on the product so that you can answer any questions that the customer might have.

b. Be Passionate: Love what you do so that you will not experience see your work as a burden. Your heart must be on serving your clients over money.

c. Do not be afraid to go the extra mile I travelled to a lot of different locations looking for sales and it worked.

d. Be presentable: Try to be neat and clean. Clients give you attention if you are presentable.

e. Plan (Diary): Plan your week ahead from Monday till weekend your planning on where you will be selling needs to be clear and stick to it.

My success did not stop there I am currently working as a sales rep for Coca Cola beverages South Africa. Being a pepper spray agent has played a big role in assisting me to get this job because when I met one of the Coke bosses I was in one of the shops in Sandkraal in George selling my Pepper Spray as usual. I approached him he asked what I am doing and I told him I was selling pepper spray which is used for self-defense, he kept contact and a month later he called me for an interview and the rest is history my journey as an agent has contributed to this growth and I am thankful.

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