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Creating Opportunities to Feed Those in Need!

“Don’t wait for Opportunity, Create it”. That is precisely what has been happening for many years at Datadot Technology SA and Ishishini Lethu Development Centre.

When the impact of Covid19 struck communities in George and the surrounding areas, the two companies worked together to distribute more than 120,000 meals of e-pap to various organisations. They have also been able to support the Syferfontein community by providing warm clothing sponsored by the staff of DataDotSA.

These programmes are only possible through true and positive relationships built over many years. Good relationships don’t just happen, they take time and patience. Before Covid19, DataDotSA distributed 30,000 meals of e-pap every 6 - 8 weeks to more than 30 creches. When President Ramaphosa announced on the 24th March a lockdown would be introduced for 3 weeks, they realised that many preschool children would be deprived from a balanced meal for many months.

However, due to excellent relationships established over many years with key role players in the George community, DataDotSA and Ishishini Lethu were able to immediately supply the George Municipality with e-pap. The Municipality manage 132 soup kitchens and feed over 20,000 individuals who fall under the care of George Child Welfare, Life Community Services, The Seven Passes Initiative and God Cares in Syferfontein.

The need for support is not confined to George but has also reached areas in the Eastern Cape. DataDotSA and Ishishini Lethu collaborated with role players in Barkly East to distribute e-pap to vulnerable groups in these areas. When a major catastrophe such as Covid19 strikes, it is then that we realise we are free to choose where we are going to make the difference. Make your choice today and join us on our journey - contact

Written by Talitha Steenkamp

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