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A new kind of Entrepreneurship

Richard Branson in his book “Business Stripped Bare” describes it like this “Ordinary business is aimed at making money there is little to no consideration to how people benefit it’s all about making profits. Social business on the other hand, is all about social benefits and not personal gain. Profits are important to social businesses, which seek to sell products to be self-sustaining, a social business is not a charity but profits are not the ultimate goal, when a social business turns a profit the original investors are paid and the balance is kept in the company to help the poor”

Yes, I am a firm believer that the entrepreneur’s efforts should be rewarded and if it allows generously too.

The plight of the poor however is a real one and it has been exasperated by the COVID-19 virus sweeping our country. The fact is the more people we lift out of poverty the more clients we gain so in the long run it makes business sense. It is going to take all our efforts to solve this.

Does this resonate with you? For Ishishini Lethu this is the way we want to do business. We refer to this as a new kind of Entrepreneurship.

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